Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the WallShark product patented?

Yes, WallShark was granted a US Utility Patent in 2019—Patent Number: US 10,323,426 B1.

 What kind of repairs or installations does Wallshark work on?

Wallshark is designed for repairs or new installations on drywall. It cannot be used on wood, brick, tile, lath, plaster, or plasterboard walls. It can be used to replace failed wall anchors, mollies, or anchor bolts that have been used to mount devices on drywall. You can use Wallshark to install new towel bars, toilet paper holders, robe or towel hooks, curtain tie backs, or anything that can be covered by a post that is 1.85 inches or more in diameter.

 What is included in the package?

Included in the package is everything needed for two complete repairs or installations. You provide the drill — we’ll take care of everything else.

What you will find in the package:

 What if I find a stud blocking where I want to use the Wallshark?

If you find a stud exactly where you want to do the attachment, we suggest not using WallShark and securing your post into the stud instead. However, if the stud is off to the side and tough to attach to, then you can chisel off a small portion of the stud with a chisel and a hammer. This will make room for the WallShark. You’ll need to chisel enough away so that the 1.85” wall plug can fit in the hole, and you’ll need to go about 7/8 of an inch deep.

 Are the parts reusable?

Yes. The standard drill bit, small screwdriver, Phillips head bit, WallShark drive bit, and some of the extra screws certainly are reusable.

The wall guides and wall sanders are reusable as long as you can clean the sandpaper with a steel brush. You can get at least 4-5 uses out of the wall sanders before the sandpaper wears out.

Furthermore, the WallShark cutter/carrier can also be used more than once–we’ve used them 10-15 times in testing with no damage to the cutter/carrier.

The only thing that cannot be reused is the WallShark wall plug itself, as it remains in the wall permanently after the installation. In the future, we plan to offer just the WallShark wall plug as a single (SKU) item for purchase in packs of 3-6 or more units.

 How can I purchase WallShark products?

You can click on any of the “ORDER NOW” or “SHOP NOW” buttons on this site to purchase WallShark products directly from WallShark. You can also purchase WallShark products on Amazon.com.

 What is the Wallshark product return policy?

We want you to be happy with your WallShark purchase, period. So, if the WallShark product you ordered does not work out for you for whatever reason (it didn’t work the way you wanted it to, it didn’t fit right, it didn’t solve your problem, you didn’t like the size of it or maybe you just changed your mind while it was being shipped to you), we’ll refund your money. Our focus is on satisfied customers, and we feel that if we have happy customers, the rest will take care of itself.

If you purchased WallShark from our WallShark website and would like to return the product for any reason, please use the Contact Page to provide your contact information, along with the reason for the return, and we'll process it immediately. If you purchased our product on Amazon.com, you will need to follow the instructions of a typical Amazon return that are provided for you on the Amazon.com website.

 How do I contact customer service?

You can contact a customer service representative by filling out the form on our contact page or send an email to customerservice@wallshark.com. Requests will be responded to in the order they are received.

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