Meet the Wallshark Team

Kent Sandvig - Founder and CEO

With over 20 years in the real estate and construction industry, Kent’s vision for Wallshark Products Corporation came to life after having to repair countless broken towel racks and toilet paper holders in his rental properties due to failed wall anchors. His vision was to create a product that would fix loose or broken wall anchors in minutes and save people the headache of complicated drywall repairs. Through many sleepless nights and collaboration with the Wallshark team, they were able to create a product that will simplify home improvement repairs. Outside of running Wallshark Products Corporation, Kent enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters and improving his game on the golf course.

Shaun Kjellman – Non-Equity Cofounder and Co-Inventor

Shaun is a non-equity cofounder of the product WallShark. As a mechanical engineer, design and manufacturing consultant, Shaun has been making company founders and CEO’s look good for over 25 years. He’s the creative muscle behind numerous brands including featured Sharktank products and Bedjet and Chris Stoikos’ Coolbox Toolbox. With nearly a dozen patents issued and a half dozen pending, he has provided engineering and manufacturing solutions for big brands like J & J, Maytag, Ingersoll Rand and Parker Hannifin. He has enjoyed working with Kent and Jason to enhance user experience and develop the design and functionality to make Wallshark the best product for drywall anchor repairs and installations.

Jason Berube – Industrial Designer, Co-Inventor

Jason holds a B.S. Degree from Wentworth Institute in Boston and has over 20 years of experience in product development and brand creation. His combination of skills has led to the inception of many commercialized products for brands like Maytag, Caterpillar and American Deodorant. Jay begins every program evaluation with product feasibility, market research, typology, branding strategy and industrial design conceptualization. He collaborated with both Kent and Shaun on user experience, business strategy, graphic design and other creative aspects of the WallShark product – including its name.

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